Artist: 2Pac
Album:  R U Still Down? (Remember Me)
Song:   Do For Love
I lay awake tonight, because I want to be with you
If you were beside me, I would playfully kiss you
Each time I see you, the felling gets stronger
I sit a bit closer, and stare a lot longer.
Reach for my drink, for a second we touch.
I love you more than that stuff, cause I want you that much.
The situation is a no win, cause he's my best friend.
But now I'm guilty, I'm falling for hsi girlfriend.
It's like a trap that I'm sinking into.
I wake sweaty when I'm sleepin.
Cause I'm thinkin of you.
When we make eye contact, I can't hold back
Try to shake it, but the feeling comes right back.
Now I'm confused cause I'm no cassanova.
But you care for me, sayin you'll come over.
What do I do, you're making it hard for me to choose
What I won't do for love.
Scares and tears on your pillow when you're asleep.
When you sit and pray
That the beatings will go away.
It wasn't always a abusive abusive relationship.
It use to be love, happieness and companionship
Way back when he cheated you girl.
Moved you up to hills, out the ills of the ghetto.
You figured that you owed him for life, it felt right
You said yes, now you're really his wife.
He got you pregnant, but the baby just wouldn't help.
Gave as much as you could give, now things are just hectic.
That's when a stranger came in.
And he's pressuring you about the things you good to doin.
You say you're happy at home right
But that's just a lie, as you cry through a long night.
Until I came and rescued you.
Making you choose.
What you won't do for love.  



Death Row

R U Still Down (Remember Me?)

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