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"R U Still Down (Remember Me?)"
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R U Still Down (Remember Me?)



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Tupac Just Kickin' It R U STILL DOWN? (REMEMBER ME) contains rare and previously unreleased songs from Tupac's personal vault.
Personnel includes: Tupac Shakur, Val Young, Y.N.V., Richie Rich, Big Syke, Spice 1, Eric Williams, Dramacydal, Dave The Black Angel, Cool Russell, Maxee (vocals); Soulshock, Karlin (various instruments); Ricky Rouse (guitar, keyboards, bass); Darrell Crooks (guitar); Mike Mosley (keyboards, drum programming); Brycyn Evans (keyboards); Tommy "D" Daugherty, Michael Denton (programming); Crystall (background vocals).
Producers include: Tony Pizarro, QDIII, Soulshock, Warren G., Karlin.
Engineers include: Bob Morse, Tommy Daugherty, Tim Nitz, Manny Marroquin, Michael Calderon.
Includes liner notes by Afeni Shakur.
Even after Tupac Shakur was tragically gunned down in Las Vegas, his legacy continued to live on through his music. In addition to the 2pac albums we all love and have become familiar with, there are posthumous testaments to his talent like R U STILL DOWN, which contains songs that were unreleased at the time of his death. Having left a large body of work behind, 2Pac continues to voice his opinion and is still among the most powerful rappers, even after his untimely passing.
The first release on his own Amaru Records, R U STILL DOWN? [REMEMBER ME] was overseen by 2Pac's mother, Afeni Shakur. This album features a younger, more inexperienced 2Pac, and it airs his views on life from a time before he became involved in the controversial east coast/west coast rivalry. His lyrics ironically foreshadow his death in songs like "Open Fire" and "Thug Style." Yet another look at the slain rapper, R U STILL DOWN? [REMEMBER ME] gives fans more of 2Pac to remember him by.


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