Welcome to Death Row "The New and Untouchable"... Whadup Doggs..Let's drop the gunz and pick up a mic & make & PAPER!!!Yes Yes...Makaveli 2 is on the streets so is Makaveli 3,4,5 whatever...also there is an album called East 2 West & All Eyes On Him in the streets... Daz Dillinger - Retaliation, Revenge And Get Back is Bangin'...September 5 Kurupt - Kuruption (Anta/A&M Records) (Double Album) (ft. D-Moet, Snoop Doggy Dogg, Warren G., Daz Dillinger, Soopafly, Ras Kass, Canibus) First Single We Can Freak It Is Off The Hook...Nate Dogg's Album is OUT Finally...On his own new label DOGG FOUNDATION RECORDS....Snoop is now on No Limit Records & His new album The Game Is To Be Sold, Not To Be Told Is N Stores Now & is Now #1 on the Billboard Charts...Snoop has a bootleg going around the internet called Smokefest..U Can find it at www.SNOOPDOGG.com...Stay Turnd' for more info...LBCya

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This Site has been up for a lil' over two years now...I know Death Row is just about dead but this site will always be around! This site represents the Long Beach Rappers
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