Artist: Snoop Doggy Dogg f/ Jermaine Dupri
Album: Men In Black
Song: We Just Wanna Party With You

What you wanna do (So So Def)
You wanna get down
What you wanna do
said you wanna get down


Now check this out
Everywhere I go they wanna see Don-Che-Che-O
Just obsessed with so so all my dough
How the jewelry glow and the crispy flow
Ain't no secret I sleep with freaky, premium bush when I push she push
And after we push I leave her cause I don't love her

Snoop Doggy Dogg

Me neither A-B-C-D-P-G-C who could it be it's the D-O- double G
Known for the bone and the chrome on these D's
Gold credit card backyard full of green trees
Breeze through the summer in a hummer wit Tim
Or dip in the low-low but that's just for promo
Never leave me alone went out the door though
I'm so so cold bet ya'll didn't know though


What you wanna do
Said you wanna get down
What you wanna do
Said you wanna get down
What you wanna do
Get down on it
Get down on it
What you wanna do
Said you wanna get down
Get down on it
Cause we just wanna party with you


High rolla gimme tha pistola and about a half a key and some Coca-Cola
Now that I got older I got a little colder
And I don't trip to get a chip off my nigger's shoulder
Mad dreams of a gangsta being like Cagney or Bulgy but Snoop Doggy
Ain't no followers man I'm a general
So when I put it down I got's to be so original
I'm quick to bust just like Daz Dilinger
But that's the little homey and I'm the big homey Snoop Dogg Colione
Spittin' it hittin' it while I'm getting that body body
Happy to shout I disappear before the game get crowded
I take a trip over seas to the West Indies freeze "JD" "uh hu" "music please"


I get goosebumps when the baseline bumps so fat call me professor Klump
Ain't nuttin much to know about me I floss
None of these hoes from where I toss
On the track better bring chips cause I cost
Million dollar company and I'm the boss
I don't sit back and watch I go for different colored drops on the car port



Khakis on my legs, Lugs on my feet
I'm walking up the street while boppin' my feet
I'm fresh off the bus from Memphis, Tennessee
Head still spinnin' from the coke and hennesee
Sit down on it, no get down on it
it really don't matter cause you want it Doggonit
Cause you must just buzz when you was bumpin' your guns
Who you thought I was
But look I ain't even trippin' right now
It's like that there bow wow
So many styles I could flip em like a bow
Pop my drop top and let the beat rock
Dip through what you do
Miss you
But back to the issue
I wish you'd stop tryin' to clown and put down
Cause you don't really wanna get down


All we wanna do is make you dance
no standing on the wall
Get your back up off the wall
Cause I heard all my nigga's say you know it
When your dancing ya you show it
You move move move you know it
When your dancing ya you show it
When you move move move



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