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.Tupac Shakur's death: Las Vegas SUN reporter Cathy Scott
discusses the Tupac Shakur murder case with
Unsolved Mysteries. This excerpt includes
a recreation of the shooting.

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Movie is 3.8 Mb. Runs 1:26 minutes


MGM security video: Portions of the
MGM Grand Hotel and Casino security
video footage that captured an alleged altercation
between members of Shakur's entourage and Orlando Anderson.

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Movie is 2.3 Mb. Runs 51 seconds.




Witness killed: SUN reporter Cathy Scott
discusses the death of Yafeu Fula, a
witness in the Tupac Shakur killing.

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See how the crime happened: Download a Shockwave file or QuickTime movie that gives a graphic representation of the crime.

Movie is 3.3 Mb. Runs 1:14 minutes.


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