Artist: Snoop Doggy Dogg
Album: Tha Doggfather
Song: Vapors

can you feel it, nothing can save ya
for this is the season of catching the vapors
since I got time, what i'm gonna do
tell ya how its spreading throughout my crew
what you want on nate dogg
who sings on my records
never leave me alone
in the fun i'm checkin'
back in the days before nate dogg would get it
he used ta try ta holler at this girl named Pam
the type of female wit glide hoochie wear
she wore a big turkish wole wit a weave in her hair
when they tried to kick it
she always faked it
talkin about baby please she
wrought his service stress
since he wasn't no type of big chronic dealer
the homie nate dogg didn't appeal ta her
but now he wat boots dat match wit his suits
and push a lexus coupe dat's extra cheap
and now she stop flautin and won't it speakin
becomin round the pound every single weekend
to get his beeper numba she be beggin please
dyin for tha day ta eat these

she caught tha vapors
she caught tha vapors

I got a little cousin that's kinda plain
he bring the heeb wit tha beep fo tha dogg pound gang
a mellow type of fellow best laid back
but back in tha day he wasn't nuthin like that
I remember when he usta scrap every day
when my auntie would tell him he would never obey
he wore his khakis hangin down wit his starks untied
and a blue and grey cap that said tha eastside
around my neighborhood tha people treated him bad
said DAZ was the worst thing his mom ever had
they said he grow up to be nuttin but a gangsta
or be there in jail or some other shaker
but now he's grown up to be a surprise
D-A-Z got a hit record slangin world wide
now tha same people that didn't like him as a child
bought the doggfood doggfather and doggystyle

they caught the vapors
they caught the vapors

I got another homie from tha L-B-C
known ta yall as D.J. Warren G
he cut grass trasform wit finesse
......... and all that mess
I remember when we first started to rap
he tried to get this job at calvin's record shop
he was in it ta win it
but tha boss from and said
sorry Warren G but there's no help wanted
now my homie Warren still tried
on and on and on till tha light break of dawn
ta work at tha V-I-P would be tha link
but my looked right passed him so my homie straight daa
now for tha year after regulate
Warren G is havin papers so my homie's write straight
he walked into tha same record shop as before
and tha be boss be like Warren welcome to my store
offerin him a job but na he don't wan it
damn it feels good to see people love Warren
cuz I remember when at first they wasn't
now guess wat dey call sessy bussin

tha vapors
dey caught vapors
i got ta talk bout me now

last subject of tha story is about snoop dogg
I had ta work fo mine ta show i was a true hog
when I was a teenager I tried to be down
an since wuttin tried ta hear me
I made tha Dogg Pound
I saw a crew on 2-1 street
an said can I be down champ they said
no, an treated me like a wet food stamp
after gettin rejected
I ain't runnin upset
I said whats a dogg do ta rhymes at rates
when i usta go ta parties
dey make me wait
wat i haveta get on tha mic to set M-C straight
I ain't never love no hoe since i'm listin ta my music
they acted like I wanted to keep hangin wit tha juzi
but now things switched from west ta east
short dogg ya believe he's a 21st street G?
we usta ta see DAZ
back in tha day
it happens all tha time
so brotha don't be amazed

you caught tha vapors
you caught tha vapors
you got tha papers




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