Thug Passion

Written by T. Shakur, J. Jackson, L. Troutman, R. Troutman, S Murdock

Fearturing Jewell, Dramacydal, Storm


Aight, new drink
one part alazhay one part chrystal
Thugs Passion baby
y'all know what time it is
This drink is Gauranteed
to get the pussy wet and the dick hard
now if ya with me
Pour a glass and drink with a nigga
know what I mean ?
I ain't trying to turn you all niggas into alcholics
Alcholics [ha ha]
I'm just trying to turn you into muthafuckin thugs
So come and get some of this thug passion Baby


I could pull out the [?drink?]
and be good 'till it's relavent but
I'm a straight solider, I'll roll up a nigga
like its seven cent
Tripping over dead presidents
they got us starein'
I throw it down this with business
They clown and try to get us
and It's so evident
stand forever and be thinking
drinking over a felony
and hell of me and how it will be some other shit
People telling me to cool out
But they ain't filling me
a mutha fucking food bound
my fuckin cheddar cheese
and a please passion of mine
Thuggin huggin plenty of G's
and laughing while I pass through time
And all thes back stabbers be watchin
Just keep it plain
I'm a keep it the same partner
Just take it the simple game


Death Row

Tupac rip

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